Workers Compensation

Extras Support StaffingExtras Support Staffing and our clients with whom we partner strive to provide an injury-free work environment. Our proactive approach to safety emanates from the corporate level with full indoctrination throughout our organization to all employees concerning our commitment to safety. In the unfortunate case of a safety incident, it is imperative that certain procedures are followed. These procedures are designed to ensure the best available medical attention in a very timely manner for injured employees while effectively serving the interim needs of our clients.

Client Responsibilities

  • Inform us immediately if one of our employees is injured at your facility
  • In the event of a safety incident, an Extras Support Staffing representative will come to your facility to take the injured person to a medical facility
  • If an injury is serious or life threatening, call 911 for immediate attention and transportation
  • Assist our representative during the investigation
  • Keep lines of communication open if the injured employee calls you directly about returning to work and/or any lost work time expected - Extras Support Staffing assumes full responsibility for the welfare of our employees to free you from this burden
  • Maintain a safe and risk free environment for all employees
  • Do not tolerate unsafe behavior by any of our employees (Our policies clearly do not allow for negligent behavior from any employee, but we do rely on our clients to let us know immediately when a problem arises.)
  • Never think of an injury as too insignificant to report
  • Depend on us to orient and enforce any safety rules and regulations that you already have in place

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